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About The ODD Witch


I am here to help you to create the amazing, loving, trusting magical life you long for!

Here is the truth.

The real secret way I think about you sometimes and what I teach:
-That you will think it is just about woo woo stuff, or worse just sex

-That you won’t really want to do the work to make your relationships and your life stronger and better.

-That you don’t want to connect to on a soul level.

-That you don’t give a shit about soul work.

-That you won’t take me seriously because I am still improving my relationships and my life.

-That you will think that my teachings are too messy and weird.

-That you won’t understand that to have that bond with someone,(including yourself) you first have to work on YOU and how YOU show up for yourself.

But then when I speak from my own soul, I know that YOU DO GET IT, and that YOU do want a loving, strong, and fun and magical life. I know…

-That you are more than willing to do the work because you love yourself and your soul feels it.

-That you are ready for a shift because your soul is telling you.

-That you think this soul work is not bullshit, but a real thing that you can feel.

-That you are tired of all the other stuff not working that you have tried.

-That you know deep down the truth is that you do have to work on yourself, you are just a little scared to do that sometimes.

-That you are not ready to give up on yourself.

-That you want to truly be yourself and stop hiding behind what you think the world wants to hear from you.

I know that you want to be happy.

Are you ready?

I am very passionate about getting my message to you.

I have created this site, along with all of learnings on my journey to find that soul connection for myself and for you.

This is an ongoing process, and I can only hope that it will help you also on your journey of self discovery and love.

I do use kink one of my tools for learning to trust more. But know that this is not my only method.

I also use gratefulness, mindfulness and yes some “woo woo” stuff!

Please have a look around, read some blogs, get some new insight, download my book, enjoy!

You will create great things.

Like seriously, you are amazing.