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“Magic is simply the act of changing your consciousness at will…” -Lisa Marie Grantham

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The ODD Coven

Yep, That’s me in the pic!

Let me introduce myself. Hi! I’m Tara, and

I serve spiritual, sensual, soul-FULL, creative, witchy souls who are ready to feel empowered by living in harmony with the natural rhythm of the Universe.
Yes, I know some of my teachings and methods are not the “norm”…
some of you just won’t “get it”, and that’s ok. But…
For those of YOU WHO DO “GET IT”!


Want do dive deeper on topics like erotic astrology, using the moon’s energy, Tarot, Runes, how to cast a circle, sexuality, and even business stuff? Try one of my online courses on for size

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Finally! A community of quirky people just like you!

It’s time to get off Facebook and stop pretending to like taking pictures of that casserole you made.
In The ODD Coven we talk and learn about love , sex, business, life, some taboo stuff and of course MAGIC!
And not to mention it’s fun and FREE

Get The Kinky Smart Book

Yes that’s right,
odd witches can also teach about kink and a fun way to add some more sizzle in your bed!
Get my Kinky Smart book to get you started on your journey of
the sex ed you wish you had in school!

Read The Journal

Caution! Before reading some of my journal,
(in my head I am saying, “please be as weird as me! please be as weird as me! please be as weird as me!”)
sometimes I use blunt adult language and talk lots of many taboo subjects.
So go on, you know you want to take a peek.

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